There are no silly questions or ridiculous ideas… I love doing cool sh*t, so if you need help with something - whatever it is - just let me know what you have in mind and fill out the form below! If you prefer the old-fashion way of communication (I can respect that, I guess), feel free to scroll to the bottom for contact info. Regardless, I’m glad you popped in - thanks for checking me out!

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So you’re one of “those”. Let me be honest: if you call me, I PROBABLY won’t answer. I get up early (not because I want to) and stay up late (because I want to) and spend the time in between trying to get my baby to nap (he hates sleeping) so I can drink hot coffee while working on some project (or just aimlessly scroll facebook). My point? You’ll probably call exactly three minutes into the baby’s nap and wake him up so feel free to text me - I do best with that.

Let’s review! In order of preference: 1. text; 2. email… 32. send a pigeon… 45. call me.

Cell: 443-875-8682