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All my life I’ve tried to find the one thing that I truly enjoy doing and, while I’ve found plenty of things I like to do, I haven’t found “the one” thing that keeps my mind from dying of boredom after a year or so. After doing some soul searching and diving deep into my core, I decided to do ALL the things I love to do. So here I am, doing my best to debunk the theory that one person can’t be really good at many things.

I’m a creative. A multi-media artist. New and different things excite me, what can I say?

Also, I’m a mama… I have four boys (my husband is broken, obviously). I’m a SAHM currently and have been going on four years now. I do my ‘projects’ during nap time, after bedtime or during those rare occasions that they’re playing nicely alone - or, with each other - and nobody is dying or screaming like they’re dying. :)

Before that, I did many different things. Catering. Catering Sales. Trade Shows. Wedding Planning. Pastry Arts (cakes, etc). I’ve started several business… some did well, some needed more time. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, a mamas heart and a creative mind. Hoping to marry all of these things at this point in my life.