CUSTOM Birthday Boy/Girl Shirt!

CUSTOM Birthday Boy/Girl Shirt!


Fully Customizable. Your photo, your child’s handwriting on their own shirt.

This doesn’t have to be for a birthday. It can be for the first day of school, Christmas, a fun gift - anything!! Your daughter like unicorns?? NO PROBLEM! I can put a unicorn horn on her and make her hair rainbow. SO MUCH FUN!!

We can come up with something fun together! :)

(Please note: Additional fees may apply depending on the complexity)

When the sale is final, please send me:

  1. Photo I should use

  2. Text you want written on the shirt (I can use actual fonts, too, please just say so!)

  3. A picture/ scan / PDF of your child’s text or art you want put on the shirt

  4. If you want it as pictured, please indicate any edits! (“Orange and blue birthday hat”, for example)

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