An Appropriately Inappropriate Bathroom

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I realize these aren’t the best photos but I don’t have any wide angle lens (yet) to capture this any better - so these are iPhone pics. sigh. Hopefully you can see well enough how this came out!

Our house was covered in ‘90s paint. Our living room was a rust/brick color. TAN, BROWN, RUST … paint. everywhere. The office was EGGPLANT PURPLE AND EMERALD GREEN. Ick.

So this bathroom had a khaki color on the walls, brown tile, black vanity with a bowl sink that has an aqua hue to it. Nothing matched and it stressed me out every time I went in there.


I really don’t recall how the idea of this style bathroom came to me, but I know that once the idea entered my mind there was no other option - I had to create a PG-13 rated powder room.

I saw some bathroom decor that I liked but I wanted to add my own personal touch so off to Photoshop (PS) I went!


Anyway, I jumped in and let this project evolve however it evolved. When I started to design the prints in PS I didn’t know how I would display them, what color paint I would buy, etc.

After I made a few I decided I needed to determine how I would display them before I went any further - only because I needed to know the size of the frame so I could make the prints the correct size. Off to Home Goods I went (because Home Goods is LIFE).

In the aisle of Home Goods I decided that they just didn’t have what I was looking for, which I determined while in the aisles. (lol) I decided then that I wanted - no NEEDED - black frames. And I wanted texture, not plain black frames. My vision for the bathroom started to take off and that’s a dangerous place for me to be. Anyway, so I decided that I would buy frames with TEXTURE and then MAKE THEM BLACK. So I bought the frames for
the frame design and not the color. And then I stopped at Michael’s Crafts on the way home and bought black spray paint.

After I laid them all out, I continued to make the prints with an idea of where they’d be displayed in the bathroom. (For example, I wanted the “hand” in the “LOL You’re Naked” print to be pointing at the person sitting on the toilet (lol). And I quickly became obsessed with the white frame (in the center of the picture above) and wanted my “favorite” print in that one… So I kept these things in mind when I was working on the prints.

This really wasn’t hard. I didn’t want them to just look like “text I made in Microsoft Word”, though, so I added some ‘flare’ with some background textures and combining different fonts, some graphics, etc.


I printed them out at home on glossy photo paper. Put them in the frames. Hung them on the wall. Still hated it. THAT PAINT. ICK.

Off to Home Depot I went to pick a paint that made me feel warm and fuzzy… apparently I only have eyes for like three colors and so I tried to force myself to choose something other than: blue, sea foam green (and related colors) or gray. I ended up with a dark sea foam green (in that family of blue/green, anyway) - what can I say - I do love that color. lol

I painted the walls and it was like the stars aligned - I’m really in love with this color. It’s the perfect balance of peace and chaos (me). Off to Home Goods I went to find a little table “or something” for the corner area… and I found this cute little round table for $35!! Woot! A few candles, trash can and matching tissue holder, & soap dispenser (that I never use)… Kirkland’s had the “pigs fly” figurine (obsessed)… I got the rug from Target. It came together quickly - this, all in, was a two day project… and only because I had to go to multiple stores to find all the things.

Oh! And I ordered this “Bathroom Guestbook” on Amazon . LOL… I really do love having this and am always excited to look at it whenever we’ve had a party. This thing is a big hit. Highly recommend. :)

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Here’s a few more “final” pics. Again: crap photos, but you get the idea!!

Katie Weaver